Moondog - The EP Collection

Moondog - The EP Collection

Catalogue Code: 717532

Barcode: 5050457175320

Release Date: 23 Nov 2018

Moondog is one of those artists who it is almost impossible to define. His look was unique and his music even more so, and whilst many of the people who encountered him on the streets of New York thought of him as one of the sights of the city, to the police he was little more than a beggar. Yet Moondog was ultimately to become a worldwide celebrity, feted by the great and the good of New York City, including the likes of Benny Goodman and Charlie Parker. This album gathers together his numerous EP releases, making for a unique collection.

1. Rim Shots
2. Improvisation In 4/4
3. Improvisation In 7/4
4. Avenue Of The Americas (51st Street)
5. 2 West 46th Street
6. Lullaby (2, West 46th Street)
7. Fog On The Hudson (425 West 57th Street)
8. Utsu
9. On And Off The Beat
10. Chant
11. From One To Nine
12. Pastoral Suite: Before The Storm
13. Pastoral Suite: The Storm
14. Pastoral Suite: After The Storm
15. Surf Session: Snaketime Rhythms
16. Surf Session: Duet
17. Surf Session: Recorded Soliloquy
18. Rabbit Hop
19. Bumbo
20. Dog Trot
21. Single Foot