Honor Blackman - Honor Blackman Reads Funny Fables

Honor Blackman - Honor Blackman Reads Funny Fables

Catalogue Code: 720802

Barcode: 5050457208028

Release Date: 18 Oct 2010

Originally released in 1995, this collection of well known children's tales is read by Honor Blackman, an actress who has been a star of stage, screen and television for nearly fifty years. Whilst her agent's website claims Honor is able to provide voice-overs in accents and dialects as diverse as Californian, New York, Canadian, Irish and German, fortunately Ms Blackman uses her own, unique voice for each of the twelve stories featured here!

Volume 1
1. The 12 Dancing Princesses
2. The Fisherman And His Wife
3. The Mouse, The Bird And The Sausage
4. Rapunzel
Volume 2
1. Rumpelstiltskin
2. The Frog Prince
3. The Princess And The Pea
4. The Very Sad Princess