Bridal Workout

Bridal Workout

Catalogue Code: 752039

Barcode: 5050457520397

Release Date: 10 Mar 2008

Are you the next BRIDE TO BE? Are you ready for your BIG DAY? Do you want to look your best when walking down the aisle? If yes, then forget about ‘just another’ exercise program and join Amy, a real BRIDE TO BE, on her journey to a better body. Together with certified aerobic instructor and personal trainer Jana, Amy learns what to eat, and what not to, in order to look great, feel great and slim down safely. Amy follows Jana’s directions on specific workouts designed to tone up every part of the body by working out at home and using minimal equipment. Jana explains exactly which exercises to do and in which order to do them for minimum effort and maximum effect. She also gives great recipes for meals which are nutritious and delicious! BRIDAL WORKOUT is a fun, comprehensive and fantastic shape up program designed for busy brides to be. The DVD includes simple, but great meal recipes as well as fitness and skincare tips. From toned triceps for sleeveless dresses to flat abs for your HONEYMOON bikini, this DVD provides results that will let you enjoy your special day with confidence!

1. Opening Credits
2. A Light Hearted Introduction
3. Healthy Food Shopping
4. In The Kitchen
5. Cardio Workout
6. Abs Workout
7. Stretching
8. Mother!
9. Upper Body Workout
10. Lower Body Workout
11. Glutes & Legs Workout
12. Abs Workout
13. Three Weeks Later
14. A Few More Tips
15. Closing Credits