American Storytellers

American Storytellers

Catalogue Code: 752089

Barcode: 5050457520892

Release Date: 10 Mar 2008

Filmmaker KEVIN MUKHERJI takes us on a fascinating journey into the minds of four AMERICAN STORYTELLERS, giving us an in depth portrait of what makes these directors (and writers and actors) tick. JOHN McNAUGHTON (Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer, Mad Dog & Glory, Wild Things), HAROLD RAMIS (Animal House, Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day), JOHN SAYLES (City Of Hope, Passion Fish, Lone Star) and FOREST WHITAKER (Waiting To Exhale, Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai, The Last King Of Scotland) discuss life, art and the process of film making.

1. Opening Credits
2. Influence
3. Getting Started
4. First Film
5. American Independents
6. Acting
7. Philosophy
8. Responsibility
9. Favorite Film
10. Future
11. Advice
12. Final Words and Closing Credits