Gory Gory Hallelujah

Gory Gory Hallelujah

Catalogue Code: 752189

Barcode: 5050457521899

Release Date: 20 Oct 2008

A Bawdy & Surreal Art Musical. With Zombies! After failing an audition for the role of Jesus in a local production, four would-be actors, a black militant, a bisexual hippy, a principled Jew and a free spirited redhead band together, hit the road on motorbikes and head for New York to seek their fame and fortune. After a fatal encounter with a group of Elvis impersonators in a roadside bar, the thespians go on the run only to find themselves stranded, arrested & imprisoned in the evangelical town of Jackville - where folk don’t take kindly to blasphemers. Released into the custody of four ‘pillars of the community’ the quartet expose the seedy underbelly of the seemingly quaint town, uncovering a sinister plot on the way and accidentally the apocalypse. As the oppressed turn against each other and the undead rise, who will emerge as the true Jesus? Can zombies bring redemption, or just eat flesh? The Absurd, Outrageous, Quirky, Colourful, Hilarious & Strange Cult Comedy! You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This! Director – Sue Corcoran Producer – Leslie Rugaber Cast – Angie Louise, Tim Gouran, Jeff Gilbert, Todd Licea

1. Opening Credits
2. Auditions
3. To New York
4. Back Roads
5. Released Into Custody
6. Dreams
7. The Trial
8. Burn The Witch
9. Dear Diary
10. Closing Credits
1. Trailer