Children Of The Night

Children Of The Night

Catalogue Code: 764769

Barcode: 5050457647698

Release Date: 19 Mar 2012

(1985) Based on actual events, Children Of The Night sees Kathleen Quinlan as a sociology student who when studying crimes committed by women discovers the plight of teenage prostitutes. Kathleen Quinlan ... Lois Lee Nicholas Campbell ... Larry Mario Van Peebles ... Roy Spanish Lar Park-Lincoln ... Valerie Wallace Langham ... Kevin Eddie Velez ... Tom David L. Crowley ... Marty Donald Hotton ... Dr. Norris Marta Kober ... Linda Laura Esterman ... Arlene Sherri Stone ... Brandy Written by William Wood Directed by Robert Markowitz

1. Opening
2. Out on the streets
3. On a rescue mission
4. On Hollywood Boulevard
5. None of these places take hookers
6. I've been waiting forty minutes
7. When my father put me on the bus...
8. Just a cruise down Hollywood Boulevard
9. It's for you