Attilio Mineo - Man In Space With Sounds

Attilio Mineo - Man In Space With Sounds

Catalogue Code: 716642

Barcode: 5050457166427

Release Date: 28 Oct 2016

Although issued on record to accompany the 1962 Seattle Century 21 Exposition, the compositions that make up Man In Space With Sounds were actually written by Attilio Mineo almost a decade or more previously. They were also recorded at much the same time, and whilst musical composition and instrumentation had made momentous advances in those ten years, there is still a futuristic feel to proceedings. The original album was originally available in two versions; with spoken intros to each track and without. Copies of either are extremely rare, with the version with the intros forming this particular release.

1. Welcome To Tomorrow
2. Gayway To Heaven
3. Soaring Science
4. Mile-A-Minute Monorail
5. Around The World
6. Century 21
7. Man In Art
8. The Queen City
9. Man Seeks The Future
10. Boeing Spacearium
11. Science Of Tomorrow
12. Space Age World's Fair