Reverend Columbus Mann - They Shall Be Mine

Reverend Columbus Mann - They Shall Be Mine

Catalogue Code: 713542

Barcode: 5050457135423

Release Date: 25 Feb 2013

The Reverend Columbus Mann’s sermons at the True Love Church in Detroit were legendary, attracting worshippers from near and far. Among those who watched in 1961 was George Fowler, then an employee of Motown’s in the same city. The following week he persuaded Berry Gordy to accompany him, with Gordy being equally impressed and offering an initial single deal. They Shall Be Mine was released on Tamla in September 1961, and whilst it did little in the way of getting airplay or sales, it did eventually result in the recording of an album, produced by Berry Gordy himself. The album would go the same way as the earlier single, but in so doing it became one of the most sought after of all Motown albums, with copies changing hands for sums in excess of $4,000 for a mint condition copy. Assuming you can find a mint condition copy, that is!

1. Saved All Day
2. Jesus Loves
3. They Shall Be Mine
4. I Just Rose To Tell You
5. Come To The Fountain
6. In My Soul
7. His Love Bubbles Over
8. I Feel The Spirit
9. Never Turn Back
10. Hush Children Hush
11. They Didn't Know