Getting to know Pickwick Group

Half a century of great music

As the record industry continues to evolve, so too does the Pickwick Group. Changes and challenges are a regular occurrence, with new formats, new platforms and new revenue streams requiring a rapid response. Just as it has done for more than fifty years previously, Pickwick Group continues to adapt.

The company was originally formed in the West End of London in 1962 (at least as far as the UK is concerned, for the American arm can trace its lineage back to 1950) and grew into one of the largest companies in the budget sector, at one point claiming some 40% of the total budget market. The company recorded and released its own repertoire on label brands such as Hallmark and Allegro, and also acted as the budget arm for several major record companies, including CBS, RCA and Walt Disney. It later put in place unique recordings specifically aimed at the burgeoning children’s market, launched the hugely successful Top of the Pops series, an extensive classical catalogue that was widely envied and became a major distributor of video through its eight labels.

The challenges of the last decade in particular have been both daunting and defining. The company has become acknowledged for the quality of its CD reissues, in particular the series dedicated to historic record labels. At the same time Pickwick has been extremely active in uploading its repertoire to both download and streaming sites, ensuring the widest possible exposure for both the label and its catalogue.

There is no doubt that fresh challenges await Pickwick Group over the coming years, but as it has admirably proved in the past, the company will face such battles head on. It has been doing exactly that for more than fifty years.