Frankie Howerd - Get Your Titters Out

Frankie Howerd - Get Your Titters Out

Catalogue Code: 703272

Barcode: 5050457032722

Release Date: 12 Aug 2002

One of the most popular comics of his era, Frankie Howerd will forever be remembered for Up Pompeii, the television series that was often near the mark. Frankie was also to be seen in two of the Carry On films: Carry On Doctor and Carry On Up The Jungle. An undoubted star of stage and TV, very little attention has been paid to Frankie’s abilities as a singer. Until now. Featuring songs written around many of Frankie’s catchphrases, including 'Nay Nay Thrice Nay', 'Oh No Missus' and the title track 'Get Your Titters Out', this album is something of a unique tribute to a unique performer.

1. Get Your Titters Out
2. Primevil Scream
3. Three Little Fishes
4. Song And Dance Man
5. Nymphs And Shepherds
6. All’s Going Well (My Lady Montmorency)
7. Frankie’s Grooving
8. Get Your Titters Out Part Two (Raise Your Titters)
9. Oh, No, Missus
10. Shut Your Face
11. Nay, Nay, Thrice Nay
12. Oh, No, Missus – Halifax Mix
13. Frankie’s Grooving – 12” Mix