Elvis Presley - Elvis Is Back

Elvis Presley - Elvis Is Back

Catalogue Code: 710092

Barcode: 5050457100926

Release Date: 14 Mar 2011

Not long after his discharge from the US Army, RCA executives and manager Colonel Tom Parker booked recording sessions for Elvis at RCA's studios in Nashville. All present were eager to see if Elvis could still produce the magic after two years in uniform, but thanks to a solid backing group and songs drafted in from his favourite writers, they needn't have worried. Whilst Elvis Is Back! peaked at #2 on the US charts, it returned him to the summit of the UK charts for the first time since King Creole some two years previously. Elvis was back, and how!

1. Make Me Know It
2. Fever
3. The Girl Of My Best Friend
4. I Will Be Home Again
5. Dirty, Dirty Feeling
6. Thrills Of Your Love
7. Soldier Boy
8. Such A Night
9. It Feels So Right
10. Girl Next Door Went A 'Walking
11. Like A Baby
12. Reconsider Baby