Duane Eddy - Girls Girls Girls

Duane Eddy - Girls Girls Girls

Catalogue Code: 710842

Barcode: 5050457108427

Release Date: 1 Jan 2012

Something of a concept album, since all of the tracks were dedicated to specific girls names. The cover also features Duane with Brenda Lee (the subject of the first track, a medley of three hits scored by Brenda) and Annette Funicello (the subject of track six). Whilst not as big a hit as his previous albums, it still charted and proved Duane was putting out albums that would sell, rather than just put together a compilation of assorted tracks without meaning or direction.

1. Brenda: I Want To Be Wanted / That's All You Gotta Do / I'm Sorry
2. Sioux City Sue
3. Tammy
4. Big Liza
5. Mary Ann
6. Annette
7. Tuesday
8. Sweet Cindy
9. Patrica
10. Mona Lisa
11. Connie
12. Carol