Eddie Harris - Jazz For 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'

Eddie Harris - Jazz For 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'

Catalogue Code: 716522

Barcode: 5050457165222

Release Date: 19 Aug 2016

Eddie Harris’ third album release, Jazz For Breakfast At Tiffany’s is a jazz interpretation of Henry Mancini’s ground breaking and award winning soundtrack. No one was better placed than Eddie Harris to produce a jazz reading of Tiffany’s, having already proven his worth with Exodus. Whilst Exodus had featured interpretations of material other than Exodus, Jazz For Breakfast featured the entire score. The key track was Moon River, a number that has become acknowledged as a standard thanks to a myriad of recordings. Eddie’s version expands on the original but, mindful of the need to retain the original melody, never strays too far from the central theme. It makes for an exciting album, one that still sounds fresh and exciting.

1. Moon River
2. Something For A Cat
3. Sally's Tomato
4. Mr Yunioshi
5. The Big Blow Out
6. Hub Caps And Tail Lights
7. Breakfast At Tiffany's
8. Latin Go Lightly
9. Holly
10. Loose Caboose
11. The Big Heist