Freddy King, Lula Reed & Sonny Thompson - Boy Girl Boy

Freddy King, Lula Reed & Sonny Thompson - Boy Girl Boy

Catalogue Code: 716832

Barcode: 5050457168322

Release Date: 21 Apr 2017

Freddy King is acknowledged as one of the Three Kings of electric blues guitar (alongside Albert and B.B.), so his appearance on this album is understandable. The remaining two named artists, Sonny Thompson and his wife Lula Reed are not so well known but still managed to have an impact on the musical scene, especially singer Lula who at one point in her career was named among the top five R&B singers. Pianist Sonny writes much of the material on this album as well as conducting the band throughout. This was more of a showcase for his wife’s talents (she sings lead on eight tracks) rather than an album of duets (four tracks) but is intriguing all the same. Freddy King would achieve considerable success later in his career, but this is an interesting opener.

1. Do The President Twist
2. I Got A Notion
3. Know What You're Doing
4. You Can't Hide
5. What Makes You So Cold
6. Puddentane
7. (Let Your Love) Watch Over Me
8. I'm A Woman (But I Don't Talk Too Much)
9. Waste No More Tears
10. It's Easy Child
11. I Know
12. Why Don't You Come On Home