Damita Jo - The Big 15

Damita Jo - The Big 15

Catalogue Code: 717062

Barcode: 5050457170622

Release Date: 21 Jul 2017

There are those who consider Damita Jo one of the best jazz singers of her age. Others will claim she was an exceptional R&B singer, whilst still others will point to her pop abilities. And therein lay her problem; with her music appealing right across the board, there was no one area in which she truly excelled. On the basis of The Big 15 this is something of a pity, since there is more than enough on display to satisfy almost any music lover and then some. Damita Jo glides effortlessly from one musical genre to another, from one tempo to another and from song to song. This album highlights fifteen reasons why her career deserved so much more.

1. How Will I Know
2. My Heart Is Home (Crying For Him)
3. Write Me
4. The Gaucho Serenade
5. I Went To Your Wedding
6. Love Me Tenderly
7. Silhouettes
8. Story Tellin' Baby
9. I'll Never Cry
10. Disillusioned Lovers
11. You May Not Love Me
12. You've Got Me Dizzy
13. Together
14. Time Out For Tears
15. Flamingo