Danny Kaye - Mommy, Gimme A Drinka Water

Danny Kaye - Mommy, Gimme A Drinka Water

Catalogue Code: 717632

Barcode: 5050457176327

Release Date: 23 Nov 2018

One of America’s most popular entertainers, Danny Kaye had an almost universal appeal, with children just as dedicated fans as were adults. It helped that he could fashion his material to suit just about any audience, but it was probably his success as a child performer that gave him the most satisfaction. Here Danny goes back in time, to when he was a five year old boy, experiencing such delights as a welcoming a new baby into the household, explaining the colour code for kisses and bath-time fun, all delivered as a five year old! This album was a major success with kids and adults at the time of original release and has delighted generations since.

1. Mommy, Gimme A Drinka Water!
2. I’m Five
3. Bathtub Admiral
4. Playing On The See-Saw
5. The Thank-You Letter
6. The New Baby
7. Crazy Barbara
8. Colored Kisses
9. I’m Hiding
10. Just Imagine!
11. Don’t Tickle Me
12. I Like Old People, Don’t You?
13. The Puddle
14. Mommy, Gimme A Drinka Water! (Reprise)